Roger Ver Launches Interesting Bitcoin Cash Games Casino

For some time now, the cryptocurrency industry has been growing more mainstream and moving into a whole new avenue of gaming excitement. Well, through Roger Ver, we’re about to see a whole new world open up in front of us.

Ver, a major fan of cryptocurrency, has moved into the Bitcoin world by allowing his games to start taking Bitcoin as payment. Bitcoin Games, launched last September, quickly grew in size and has become a very impressive starting point for Bitcoin users who tap into the world of UK slots gaming, keep what you earn promotions and awesome casino gaming.

Bitcoin Cash Games, the latest take on BCG, has become a major part of the industry in double time and already attracting a whole new kind of client. Already, thanks to its lower fees, people are cashing in on the top quality promotional offers and deals offered through the casino. Through the official announcement, Ver was very clear about what would and would not applicable when using his service, saying: “the BCH network and currency have proven itself to be reliable while also offering transaction fees so cheap ($0.01 or less) they are practically non-existent.”

With all manner of online slots gaming, video poker games, craps, roulette and many more classics you should find it very easy indeed to buy into this. If you’ve got some Bitcoins that you would like to spend, then this might just be one place to start!

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